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Business Consulting - Reliable business guidance from professionals with years of experience in their respective fields
Business Plan Creation - Experienced guidance in establishing a stable and secure business direction for your organization
Executive Coaching - Improving the performance of business through skilled leadership mentoring and personal development
Team Building - Valuable direction in locating and evaluating quality staff members as your business grows and matures
Vision Casting Effectively sharing your vision in a manner that excites and motivates staff and employees

Mission & Vision


Serving our clients, we are change agents partnering in the five way win.

FiveWay Consulting’s mission begins out of a heart of service. Built on the constructs of servant leadership, we believe in coming alongside our clients and being attentive to their unique needs. We help them on their journey of improvement, whether personal or organizational in scope. We continually strive for a five way win. A five way win is one in which all stakeholders of a transaction are benefited in the best possible way. A win-win solution only takes into account the two that are directly involved in the interaction. There are always more stakeholders in any transaction. It is easy to identify four participants in every business deal: the two people making the deal and each organization they represent. Depending on the transaction, there are many other stakeholders such as business investors, manufacturers, the local communities in which each organization operates, employees, and others. Caring about our client’s vendors, customers, employees, and communities is the basis of being a change agent. We seek to improve the lives of everyone by promoting continuous personal growth while enabling leadership growth and organizational development.



As change agents, we help people develop their unique talents and abilities which allows them to transform their organizations.

The vision of FiveWay Consulting is to uphold an environment of continuous improvement and personal growth in the lives of individuals. Not only do we strive to bring about transformation in those we come in contact with but we wish to inspire all to develop and nurture their individual talents and abilities. We recognize environmental structures impact on the development of talents. Therefore we subscribe to those leadership styles and organizational structures that promote individuality. It is our belief and desire that organizations celebrate individual talents and promote personal growth. We believe the pursuit of individual excellence will transform the organization and allow it to compete and innovate in today’s global market.